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Chip Level Engineer Job in Mumbai

  • Chip level troubleshooting and circuit tracing in laptop/ desktop / tablet motherboard.
  • Prepare troubleshooting guide for laptop/ desktop / tablet motherboard using schematics.
  • Identify the actual fault & provide appropriate solution to the client for proper functioning of all non-working assets.
  • Trace signal, read schematics and debug.
  • Laptop body fabricate and repair.
  • Bios programming.
  • Install/service the product appropriately and get call report signed by the client, if necessary.
  • Submit details of all repaired/ non-repaired assets, to Assistant / Manager – IT, from time to time.
  • Inform the supervisor/s if any spare part needs to be replaced.
  • Identify market/s from where spare parts can be purchased at a reasonable cost.
  • Maintain & update inventory of working / damaged / replaced parts.
  • Generate / maintain FAQ’s & knowledge base, from time to time.
  • Self-updating as per upgradation in technology.
  • Help other engineers, as and when required.
  • Log call with manufacturers, as and when required.
  • Ensure all logged calls are attended within defined TAT.
  • Assist the storekeeper in store/ stock related activities, as and when required.
  • To record, the details of damaged/ replaced equipment’s collected from the client place, in the gate pass and obtain clients’ signature on it.
  • Any other work, as assigned by the Management Team, from time to time.
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